Open-Distance Learning (ODL) content for Organic Chemistry for Technologist (CHM413)


    Chapter Google Classroom code Date Topics
    Alkenes utwik52 13-17 April Reactions of alkene
    Aromatic compounds x5vjmi3 20-24 April

    • Structure and Properties of benzene
    • Nomenclature of aromatic compounds
    27 April - 1 May Reactions involving aromatic compounds
    • Electrophilic substitution
    • Reaction on side groups

    Assessment Date Chapter Google Classroom code


      Week 5-14 All chapters jajq6et
    Test 1  To be updated  

     Alkane, Alkene, Aromatic compounds 

    Test 2 To be updated

    Alcohol, Aldehyde and Ketones

    Test 3 To be updated

    Carboxylic acid, carboxylic acid derivatives, and amine

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